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Sounders Pow Wow

Three season ticket holders of the Seattle Sounders FC podcast themselves reviewing, predicting and speculating about the boys in Rave Green and other goings on throughout Major League Soccer.

Dec 4, 2010

Much ado about little. Sure something happened, we talk about it. Then shrug our shoulders and mope as we'll be enjoying a margarita in Bellingham in 2022.

Nov 23, 2010

Live from the combined war room Portland and Vancouver battle of the league's rejects.  Listen as "who" is selected quickly, well kinda quickly, followed by "that guy?"



Nov 16, 2010

Hearing now that Baby Giraffe has had a second surgery, Jonathon is experiencing SEVERE buyer's remorse and wishes it listed here, he is OFFICIALLY changing his mind and believes Troy would as well. Go Team Nyassi!

Nov 14, 2010

Up for grabs a couple of Sounders for the MLS Expansion Draft.  Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps can fight over Seattle's not-so-slim pickin's.  Troy talks Jon into keeping a baby giraffe.  I swear I'll feed him everyday.

Nov 12, 2010

Looking ahead to both Western Conference Finals as well as a brief look at the end of the Sounders FC season. Whatever lay in store?