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Sounders Pow Wow

Three season ticket holders of the Seattle Sounders FC podcast themselves reviewing, predicting and speculating about the boys in Rave Green and other goings on throughout Major League Soccer.

Aug 26, 2015

Aaaand the good times lasted two games. Then the anemic offense stepped back onto the field and suddenly the sky is falling again.

Pesky everything that doesn't go our way.

Aug 18, 2015

Took long enough to break that there slump, but with Oba, anything is possible, right?

The Pow Wow examines how happy we are, how non-negative Jonathon is and brushes against the upcoming matches in the CCL and against Real Salt Lake.

And there is talk of groins.

Aug 10, 2015

Another game in Los Angeles, another loss. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone who hasn't beaten the Seattle Sounders is coming to town.


Aug 3, 2015

It's beginning to look very familiar this lack of offensive production and none of us here at the Pow Wow think it's a very good look for our Sounders.

Please, sir, may we have some goals?