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Sounders Pow Wow

Three season ticket holders of the Seattle Sounders FC podcast themselves reviewing, predicting and speculating about the boys in Rave Green and other goings on throughout Major League Soccer.

Nov 8, 2019

Here there be questions, predictions and discussions of all things MLS Cup.

That's right. Just when you thought it was safe to ignore Dingly Dong Coffee...

Nov 7, 2019

Playing for the MLS Cup in Seattle is more than a little exciting to the Pow Wow. So much so, we are looking for a hazmat suit.


The first part of a two part episode, so packed full of thoughts and gunk, it all simply couldn't be contained in an easily consumable morsel.

Oct 3, 2019

It all comes down to the last week in Major League Soccer. Where will the Seattle Sounders FC find themselves at the end of Decision Day?

Where will our listeners find themselves at the end of the season and who will be bringing home big prizes from winning the silly contest the Pow Wow started so many months ago?


Sep 21, 2019

Not a bad set of results from the past four matches. Still in second place in the Western Conference but still...

Looking at the upcoming match in our nation's capitol and seeing what kind of genetic mutants we'd create to raise the Rave Green flag.

Aug 30, 2019

Oh, the rant you will hear.

Plenty of topics cross the path of the Pow Wow this week and there is ample discussion all the way around.

Did the win in Portland give the Sounders the boost they need to finish the season strong? Will Zlatan break hearts at the T on Sunday?