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Sounders Pow Wow

Three season ticket holders of the Seattle Sounders FC podcast themselves reviewing, predicting and speculating about the boys in Rave Green and other goings on throughout Major League Soccer.

Aug 27, 2013

Jonathon, Katy and Troy spend ample time talking about a listener e-mail (thank you), gloat about the win against the Timbers, speculate on what awaits our boys in Ohio and ask y'all to support the team in a different way.

Aug 19, 2013

Plenty to say about Jonathon being wrong, Portland being good and this week's match-up in a sold-out T.

Katy's Time brings up a couple interesting points and then Jonathon has too much to drink, falls down and goes boom.

Aug 12, 2013

Oh what a delightful mess we witnessed at Toronto and what does the second half of that game say about the Sounders and whether or not they can do anything but fail in Texas?

Some of us are more optomistic than others.

Aug 5, 2013

While the news is no longer new, we have a difficult time trying to hide our excitement at Saturday's announcement of the latest Sounders addition, Clint Dempsey. Combine that with a drubbing of FC Dallas, the upcoming match with Toronto FC and a special MatchPass bonus expedition and there's plenty of show to...