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Sounders Pow Wow

Three season ticket holders of the Seattle Sounders FC podcast themselves reviewing, predicting and speculating about the boys in Rave Green and other goings on throughout Major League Soccer.

Aug 25, 2017

Several questions get answered before we discuss the happenings in the Fantasy League then gently move on to what went down last weekend with Minnesota and Vancouver.

And what about Victor? Yeah, that's what we thought too.

Aug 17, 2017

A glorious win over the Sporks and now the Loons come to town for their first ever visit to the T.

We talk of who we like, who we don't and ultimately try to start a rumor based on nothing but wild speculation (the best kind of rumors, if you ask us).

Aug 11, 2017

It wasn't quite the beat-down it appeared to be by the final scoreline, but three points and four goals is nothing to scoff at (unless you're Jonathon).

And a tired bunch of Sporks are coming to town. Another three points? Please?

And plenty of questions...

Aug 3, 2017

Certainly a game was played in Carson City and there may have been a few people who didn't fall asleep during it (though we are hard-pressed to come up with any names of such individuals).

And there has been another signing as well as an announcement about Mr. Jones.

AND we get to play the Loons.